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Shipping Containers for sale in:
Find new or used shipping containers for sale in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
click the map or visit: - Container Based Fire Simulation
containermodifications - All types of container modifications - Shipping container houses - Building self storage facilities from containers to buildings
shippingcontainertrader - All services related to shipping container industry, news, sales, advice
selfstoragefederation - Self storage organisation
everythingcontainer - Just what it says, links to more sites
containersforselfstorage - Shipping containers for self storage
containerisedselfstorage - Shipping containers for self storage sites
containersafetyconvention - CSC plating and certification of shipping containers regulations
containerrepairs - Shipping container repairs
shippingcontainersurvey - Shipping container surveys, estimates and certification services in
European countries
containertanks - Waste tanks and static toilet tanks
fabandsitecontainerrepairs - Shipping container reapirs
containercondensation - Deals with moisture problems inshipping containers with solutions
fabandsite - All types of tanks related toshipping containers estimates and certification services
welderjohn13fabricationstore - Our on line shop - Shipping Container lock boxes
shippingcontainerpadlocks - All types of security padlocks for the shipping container and home
security market
shippingcontainerlockbox - Shipping container lock boxes, security issues for both domestic and
commercial operations extensive photographic library
fabandsitecontainerrepairs - Shipping container reapirs - About one partner of this group
fabandsitemotorsport - Motorsport welding and fabrication
fabandsite - General fabrication, welding, workshops and site services - Welding services - General welding - Motorsport links
welderjohn13fabricationstore - Our on line shop - General welding, fabrication, site works and all associated
services - Ebay presence of all we do
shippingcontainerlockbox.wordpress - Our blog
For new or used shipping containers in
England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales why
not simplify your search and go to this

shipping containers for sale in every
county of the UK and Ireland.
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This website is set up to give an easy link
into all the business interests we have, and
for people to get to know us and what our
business interests can offer you. So for
those of you who do not know us yet look
around and get in touch. ISO Shipping
containers have so many uses and they are
such versatile constructions made well and
last a long time. Our business has been built
around containers since 1980 when we
started working as repair welders.

From little acorns grow big trees and how
we have grown over the past 30 years see
Shipping containers web is a portal to
everything you will ever need relating to the
container industry.

Our traffic profile for this website is growing
so fast around 5,000 unique IP visitors a day
already ranked inside 300,00 by Alexa and

Everything is covered right down to the
spare parts needed to repair and maintain
shipping containers, hire, sales, lease,
repair, conversions it is all here.

It will take time to surf around our containers
web portal but it is the only place you will
ever need to go on to the Internet for all
shipping container related services in one
useful location.

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Customers World-Wide say
latest feed:
John,Just a quick note to say THANKYOU
!!! The whole service from start to finish has
been fantastic.....

I would like to say to anyone looking to buy
a container "Don't even consider going to
anywhere else, the price...the delivery & the
overall service is 2nd to none"
Thanks again,Steve Slattery,
Hampton Lodge,

"We found this website, useful where else
can you find so much information in one
place and links to so much great help"
Miles Huges Managing Director Hughes
Construction Europe
"Demolishes the competition, great service,
realistic prices, friendly staff will use again
and tell our clients about this superb
John Pepper Marketing dept JG Holmes
and Co USA
"At last everything in one place, need to look
no more just Google "Shipping Containers
Web"!! thanks guys for superb service"
Mike Brown operations director MB
Cladding UK
"Quality, value, service, one stop for all is
where its at for us - thanks SCW great job
top quality containers at the best rates we
could find"
Holly Andrews Director of finance Volvo UK
"Exceptional levels of service, good prices,
quick deliveries, helpful staff, thank you
Nigel Hurst Operations Director Strong
Room Self Storage UK
"From container sales to self storage
construction, repairs, help, advice, what you
guys have created is splendid, it helped us
to save money, time and a great deal of
heart ache with our Olympics ventures"
Olga Predencona' Sales Manager 
Olympics 2012 UK
The list goes on......................
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Simple one stop solution to everything: Fabrication, Welding, Shipping Containers, Self Storage and Motor
Sport welding all on one portal. Every link goes directly to a website that covers what you require, our
group of sites is all you will ever need in your Internet search for everything shipping container related
please book mark this portal now.


Self Store Modules, Houses, Canteens, Toilet
blocks,Simulators, Smoking Shelters,
Generator Rooms, Biomass Boiler rooms

• Insulation; urethane foam, styrene,
• Interior finishes; paneling, GRP, gypsum,
• Partition walls / passage door / storage
• Painting; exterior /interior
• Flooring; tile, hardwood, linoleum, tread
plate, gel-coat
• Doors; personnel, double, sliding, rollup
• Door hardware; lockboxes, alarms
• Swing doors each end
• End walls (removing double swing doors)
• Windows / ports / hoods
• Burglar Bars / hinged / removable covers
• Hatches / railing / ladders / shelving
• HVAC; wall, roof, recessed
• Exhaust fans /louvers/vents
• Roof turbines
• Electrical; Power distribution, light,
receptacles, switches, data
• Plumbing; sink, toilet, shower, water heater
• Power; generators, solar, wind turbines,
transformers, UPS’s
• Equipment integration
• Cut outs; cable ports / piping
• Connecting units
• Custom solutions
• Housing solutions
• Container security
Fabrication and Site Services Group of companies ( sell a variety of equipment
from our huge and some what diverse global stocks. With a network of worldwide locations, we are able to offer
every type equipment to our customers when and where it is needed in the world today. From shipping lines to
military applications, domestic sales, hire, leasing, rental, conversions, we cover it all. We have the experience and
expertise to ensure that any requirement can be met. These days, shipping containers aren't just used by logistics
companies and businesses shipping cargo and freight overseas. ISO shipping containers and ISO cargo containers
of all types have been used for housing, field offices, power generation stations, self storage and even emergency
response units.

We are shipping Container wholesalers- A cargo and freight container wholesaler is a distributor of large boxes for
storage and shipping of merchandise. Companies use these containers to transport materials and products locally,
domestically, and internationally. However of recent years the Self Storage industry has picked up on this useful steel
box and we see hundreds of these across the globe built into self storage yards check out our website at Whether you need to export your products with a controlled temperature box, or need a
large storage container for transportation on a flatbed, we can help you.There are many different types of containers
for a wide variety of purposes and cargo. A freight container can be used to import merchandise into another country,
while a storage container can be used for storing materials in your factory or self storage facility. Also different types
of containers and sizes are good for boats, trucks, planes, and railroad use. It all depends on where you are
shipping to and what type of product you have.

During the 20th century, standardisation of the container industry ( see our info on this ) resulted in increased efficiency of the unloading and loading process at the
ports. This further resulted in a higher volume of trade worldwide. Today, almost every product we used has spent
some time in a raw steel container. New generation super ships are carrying greater numbers than ever before.

There are many wholesalers, suppliers and manufacturers of cargo and freight containers worldwide. It is important
to first consider what type of merchandise you want to import, store or export, and how large it is. Because of
international standards, there are specific sizes of containers you can order for different types of transportation
methods. Research how your item needs to be shipped and what types of containers will suit your needs.

Also, don't be shy to contact Fabrication and Site Services Group of companies members directly to ask them about
special rates for multiple container requirements.
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Housing, Free technical assistance and advice relating to any subject listed above, and even motor sport specialist welding services, with  

Every type of shipping container both new and used, 20ft, 30ft, 40ft, 45ft,Tunnel Containers, Referidgerated, Highcubes, Specialist builds, if you  
want a container talk to us!! what ever you need we can help.

Would you like to become part of our global success?  
We are always looking for agents, sales staff, and container storage facilities with capacity worldwide - please contact us to discuss what  
you have to offer.

All these web sites are owned and operated by Fabrication and Site Services UK, we pride ourselves on our levels of service, quality and  
competitive pricing.
The Multiboxx Group
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